Arvoitus (Riddle)

The first ever music video by Klava is out now! Taken from album Polku (Eclipse Music, 2019).

Video by Kalle Kuisma

Klava – Arvoitus
Music and arrangement by Klava
Lyrics by Kalle Kuisma

Played by
Joonas Hietala – bass, piano, vocals
Henri Tuomi – drums
Kalle Kuisma – guitar, vocals
Sini Palokangas – soprano saxophone, vocals
Jussi Hurskainen – alto saxophone
Ringa Koskinen – jew’s harp, vocals
Susanna Salama – alto saxophone

a song taken from album Polku, released by Eclipse Music 2019

Recorded, produced, mixed by Klava
Mastered by Jesse Kesti, Kesthouse mastering

8mm Footage by Kalle Kuisma
Turku Barker – Klava Polku recording sessions December 2010
Vartiosaari Fairy Island, 2002
Jättömaa Wasteland, 2013

Live footage
Gaia Club, Lepakkomies 2008, shot by Susanna Salama

Footage from
Wildlife on One – Scorpion, 1979
Mother Goose Stories, 1946
Look to the Land, 1953
Giant Eagle Owl at the Pond by HyaenaNut, 2009
Jonathan L seagul by SamRenseiw, 2009

Sisko Pajari

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