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‘Klava is not about flashy individual playing, and the lovely compositions themselves are the stars of the show. The lyrics are all in Finnish, described as a conceptual whole on the theme of modern people longing to get back to nature — Polku means “The Path.” In any case, it’s a solid entry in the current progressive rock scene, and a great example of chamber rock done right.

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Polku Review

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4 stars

 KLAVA from Helsinki, Finland has existed since 2004 and has had multiple changes in its line-up during that time. The permanent driving forces have always been guitarist Kalle Kuisma and drummer Henri Tuomi. Polku (=Path) is the band’s debut album which was under work for a very long time, but in a sparse and periodical way. It certainly doesn’t taste like it was endlessly polished with clinical perfection. On the contrary, a hippie-like natural spirit is an essential part of its 70’s-reminding charm. In short I’d call it psychedelically flavoured jazz-rock with plenty of saxophones, and with hints of folk. Indeed, this music feels at home along classic Finnish prog such as TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI from the legendary Love Records catalogue.

The nine album tracks vary between 3-8 minutes. Together they form a charming trip to mellow poppy fields. Vocals in Finnish, shared by several members involving both sexes, intertwine harmonically into the organic soundscape. The reeds — especially the soprano saxophone of Sini Palokangas (DaSputnik, Vitkaste) — remind me of NIK TURNER (in and out of Hawkwind). Some tracks also feature violin and harp.

A good example of the retro-spirited compositions is ‘Arvoitus’ (=Enigma). The dreamy ‘Tähtien valoon’ (= Into stars’ light) is beautifully finished with sparkling flute and the dark tone of cello. The lyrics written by Kalle Kuisma are full of nature-friendly esoterism and are a perfect match to Klava’s music. Undoubtedly the music could have ventured deeper into progressive rock’s complexity and eclectic unpredictability, but even as it is, Polku is among the most delighful Finnish prog releases in recent times.

text: Matti Pajuniemi


Arvoitus (Riddle)

The first ever music video by Klava is out now! Taken from album Polku (Eclipse Music, 2019).

Video by Kalle Kuisma

Klava – Arvoitus
Music and arrangement by Klava
Lyrics by Kalle Kuisma

Played by
Joonas Hietala – bass, piano, vocals
Henri Tuomi – drums
Kalle Kuisma – guitar, vocals
Sini Palokangas – soprano saxophone, vocals
Jussi Hurskainen – alto saxophone
Ringa Koskinen – jew’s harp, vocals
Susanna Salama – alto saxophone

a song taken from album Polku, released by Eclipse Music 2019

Recorded, produced, mixed by Klava
Mastered by Jesse Kesti, Kesthouse mastering

8mm Footage by Kalle Kuisma
Turku Barker – Klava Polku recording sessions December 2010
Vartiosaari Fairy Island, 2002
Jättömaa Wasteland, 2013

Live footage
Gaia Club, Lepakkomies 2008, shot by Susanna Salama

Footage from archive.org
Wildlife on One – Scorpion, 1979
Mother Goose Stories, 1946
Look to the Land, 1953
Giant Eagle Owl at the Pond by HyaenaNut, 2009
Jonathan L seagul by SamRenseiw, 2009

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